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Hi new to the forums so hello all
Use to be into Hifi in a big way but mortgage and daughter have cut the wallet strings just lately
I like the idea of storing music on some sort of mp3 device ipod etc, but was wondering how the sound would compare to an original cd if i routed it though my hifi - i'd be transfering original cd's using quality rather than quanity settings, the cd player i have at the moment is a sony it's around 4 years old and cost around £300 can't remember model number which is conncected via optitical link to my str db840 amp, i have jammo 365 speakers and some crappy surround speakers which need upgrading sometime. Basically i'm pleased with what i've got but being able to store several Cd's worth of music in one unit sounds a good idea

Waffle over - also whats the better way to hook a cd player up to an amp optical or coaxial . cheers


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There's a world of options -
Encode your CDs on a computer using lossless compression and they should be identical to the original CD - obviously what you use to play them back again will influnence the quality of the audio.

A PC sound card with a digital output to your amp should sound as good as the CD but I've not done this myself.

If you transfer them to an iPod type device using lossless compression then again they will not suffer except at the output stage. My experience of an iPod using the dock connector is very good but I don't consider myself all that fussy (I use MP3 at 192Kb/s). You get portability but your storage is comparitively expensive and restricted.

Then there are wired/wireless players that link to a PC allowing you to have more user friendly and screen free playback using the PC as a server. I use a couple of Netgear MP101 devices (not lossless), Slim Devices Squeezebox gets good write ups as do products from ROKU - if you don't mind using a PC and iTunes then the Apple Airport Express will link whatever your playing on the PC to the stereo - personally I think it's expensive for what it does.

Finally there are new hifi separates with CD drives and Hard disks. I know Acoustic Solutions do one (Argos) probably not that great.
A friend has just bought a Yamaha unit with a 250GB drive that uses lossless compression CDR-HD1500
I would expect the audio output stage to be better than a PC driven solution as it's a designed audio component not a jack of all trades but titling and sorting music might be hard work - he hadn't had it long enough to work out the PC connections!

RE CD>Amp I'd be amazed if you could tell the difference - I can't!
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