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Hi there guys:hiya:

Im looking at buying a plasma screen and not to sure what to go for my instinct says pioneer 436rxe as i dont need digital tuner, but some other people have been recommending;

Panasonic th42pv500

Hitachi 42PD6600

Hitachi 42PD7200

Panasonic TH42PX60CAB

Pioneer PDP436RXE

:lease: :lease: help as new to plasma and dont really know what to buy



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Hi there and welcome to the forum :smashin:

What is your budget ?

What stuff do you have already (5.1 amp, sky etc...) ?

Do you want it to be HD ready ?


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Hi there

Welcome to the forum.

Either the Pioneer or the Panasonic PX60.
Probably comes down to which one you like the look of the most.
Pretty much equal on everything else.



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Welcome to the forum

There are various factors involved in choosing which plasma you require before you decide

1) what sort of viewing will you be doing (ie Freeview/gaming/sky /dvd etc)
2) Where will it be positioned ( ie wall/ Stand/ cabinet etc)
3) How far way will you be viewing it from
4) Will A Panel suit your needs better than a Plasma TV, do you need onboard speakers
5) Wife/child friendly
6) Financial constraints

And the most important of all Make sure you get a proper demo, try to get them to play a DVD that you know and will test the display( I think batman begins is a good one) will test the blacks out for sure

I hope that helps, I have no allegiance to any manufacturer in the end its your money and your eyes that will decide.


Ps All of the plasmas you listed will be a good choice except for the 6600


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I have the Pioneer 436xde and Iam very happy with the picture from my cable box. It took me about a month to make my mind up on which plasma to buy so I would try and view the models that you are thinking of purchasing and good luck.



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Will be mainly watching sky and hopefully sky HD when it comes, it has to be cbeebies friendly aswell , i have about £2000 to spend want something all in one aswell (speakers and tuner etc)

cant find any reveiws on pioneer 436rxe of panasonic px60 is this because they are so new?

cheers for your quick replys

think its out of the 2 i metioned above


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cant find any reveiws on pioneer 436rxe of panasonic px60 is this because they are so new?

Probobaly yes, you seem to have made your mind up between two screens, which is where most of us end up. The only thing to do now is to demo the screens and let your eyes deside. Take a dvd or 2 when you go to demo them, most places will be more than accomodating.

Good luck :thumbsup:


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still not sure which to go for some people say pioneer will be better when HD is available not sure if this is true

px60 thought is cheaper looks the nuts and some people say its just as good as the pioneer

Does the px60 have the same panel as the pv500??


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donka1 said:
Does the px60 have the same panel as the pv500??
No, if i am correct the PX60 is SD panel with HDMI input, PV500 is HD panel with HDMI input and "HD ready" i dont think anyone outside panasonic has seen the UK PX60 yet cant comment on PQ certainly has the pedigree, Panasonic panels PHD8 and PWD8 have always been better PQ than the TV variants and better VFM IMO


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as no one has seen a PX60 its impossible for them to give a balanced view..............Besides the New Fujitsu P42XHA58ES is far better than both


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i seen the px60 today in my local Panasonic shop , was right next to a pv500 , there wasn't much between them tbh but i would say the px60 looked a tad better , they had the px60 on the stand for £1900 and the pv500 for £2500 (i know they can be had cheaper) now the pv500 looks better but not £600 better.

my short list is

Panasonic TH42PX60wal, It doesn't look as cheap as people make out but its certainly not the best looking, PQ looked spot on on to me , source was freeview.

LG 42PX5D, my favorite looking apart from the pv500, PQ looked ok in comet but can u really trust there signal quality and the monkeys that set them up?.

Hitachi 42PD7500/7200, Looks ok nothing special , PQ looked better than the LG in comet but again how has it been setup and it might have had a better feed than the LG..

The LG gets best buy in What plasma this month , with the Dixon's code can be had for around £1500.

My head says PX60 but my heart says 42PX5D

I don't move into the new house till the end of April so my head will be spinning for a while yet trying to decide what to get lol, iv even considered the pw7 for £900 from richersounds , my m8 has one and if u ask me the pic looks great , even the 360 looks brill on it through a component board

anyway, away to bang my head of a wall now to see if that less painful than working out what TV to buy lol



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Welcome Donka1. As a fellow Noob I can but praise the help I've already received from the forum community. Prepare yourself for initial confusion and indecision but ultimately a kind of "Plasma Nirvana" as you see the 256 billion colour light shining on your choice :cool:


I'm in the same situation. I've been monitoring and reading this forum for a while now. It seems most people are Panasonic or Pioneer lovers. I'd obviously rather spend as less as possible, but my shortlist is down to:

Pioneer 436XDE
Hitachi 7200
LG 42PX5d

Oh and possibly the Panasonic PV [or PX?] 600 when it comes out.

I guess my main concern is do I really need to spend 2K on the Pioneer. I'm trying to convince myself, and keep reading all the rave reviews on here and it's making me want an XDE, but my heart says just go with the LG or Hitachi and save a few hundred quid.


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