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captain neenaw

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I have just taken delivery of an AAD E-6 sub. My system is used for Hi-Fi rather than cinema. I now realise that if I use the low-level inputs either from the preamp or the tape monitoring circuit I have no control of the bass from the amp's front panel, as these outputs come before the power amp. So, I thought I'd use the high level inputs instead, running the speaker outputs from the amp to the sub, and connecting the speakers to the sub's outputs. The speakers still sound ok, (although the bass is filtered off by the sub) but I get a constant hum from the sub (there is no hum when using the low-level inputs). I have tried using screened cable from speaker outputs to sub, still no-go. I think the problem may be that the amp is not earthed, as it only uses two-core mains cable.

1) Is there any way to use the low level inputs and still have control of the bass? (The sub will be hidden away so its controls will not be able to be used regularly).

2) Any ideas on how to eliminate the hum when using the high level inputs?

3) Any other connection ideas?

Many thanks,


captain neenaw

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I've cured the hum by connecting the chassis of the sub with the amp. chassis, using a length of muliticore wire.

But, now I have high-level connections I am getting low output from the sub. Even at full volume the output is a lot lower than when I use the low-level inputs. Any ideas?

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