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Hi all,

I'm thinking of buying a new set of 5.1 surround sound speakers but I'm not sure if to get floorstanders as my room is small and where to put the rears.

It is a room with a TV at one end and my seating position about 1.5m away on the back wall. As you can see I dont think there is room for rear speakers because they would have to sit directly beside me.

The room is about 2m wide with a bed to the right and a bookcase to the left and the TV and av equipment in the centre.
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For rears I would look to get some bipole/dipole speakers. These sit flush to the wall and designed to give a dispersed sound in a room layout like yours.
Floorstanders as such could work in your room but it will be very dependant on the speaker and you could have just as many problems with the wrong standmount as well if they are going to be close to the wall/corner. Floorstanders are probably not really required anyway unless you are going to listen to a lot of music on the system. If going for floorstanders or standmounts then try not to get rear ported ones as these can suffer more ill effects by being close to a wall.
What budget do you have for the system?


Thanks for your reply. The front speakers will be about 15-20cm from the rear wall. Both front and rear speakers will be about 1m apart. My floor is carpeted. My budget is quite flexible. I was leaning towards either the Tannoy HTS 201, KEF 2005, Dali 5 or Radius R90HD10, BX2 or BX5.

I'd like an all-rounder for TV, movies and gaming.
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