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hi all
I am decorating my lounge and planning to add surround sound at a later date but want to install any wires that need going to the tv from the amp, blue ray,sky hd and a computer console now so i can lose them in the wall. Is this going to be just 4 hdmi leads or will the amp need any other wires going to the tv from it?.

Any advice would gratefully received


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Providing the amp supports video conversion from analogue to HDMI and the amp/receiver has sufficient inputs for all your sources, you could get away with a single HDMI cable from the amp to the TV. AV Amps/Receivers don't have SCART or VGA inputs so if you have any sources with these connections, you would need to convert them or run them direct to the TV. With PC's, simply fit a graphics card with HDMI out etc. Look for an AV Receiver with HD audio decoding so that you will hear the latest lossless audio formats from your Bluray player.

You will also need mains cable to the TV, RF coax for the TV's built in tuner and if you want pseudo surround from the TV, you will need to run an audio cable from the TV to the amp. This is usually analogue RCA phono (red/white) or optical, although Philips TVs use digi-coax IIRC.

I would definitely recommend running more than one HDMI cable 'just in case'. Some folks recommend running ethernet cables for future use. They are cheap and can also be used to pull other cables through, should you experience any failures. It might be an idea to run sat coax too, terminated with F-Connectors for the likes of Freesat.

Try and keep the mains cable for the TV separate from the AV cables and finish the entry and exit holes with brush faceplates. These will neaten up the hole and allow you to pull cables through. If you check the DIY and galleries forums, you will see what others have done.

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