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I have Rogers LS 6’s I have a Quad 34 and a 405 2 amp, I want to change my speakers I don’t have a lot of bucks perhaps £350, I was looking at Monitor Audio Bronze’s, any comments or suggestions?

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You can pick up the B&W607s for that price at the moment.
Fantastic little speakers.


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Mostly size and aesthetic.

So you're after a smaller speaker? The Monitor Audio Bronze range is well-respected and often recommended. I would add KEF 350 (maybe nearer £400) or Mission QX2 which currently sells for around £275 and were also very well reviewed when selling for £400 (makes it a bargain). The Elac Debut 2.0 B6.2 and the B&W 607, as Alan Weir 1 suggests in post#2, are also very well reviewed. Most of these speakers are available in at least two different cabinet finishes.

I was looking at Monitor Audio Bronze’s

Are you thinking of the Bronze 2? The new model, Bronze 100, seems to be its successor meaning you could probably pick up the Bronze 2 at a reduced price. The Bronze 2 was well reviewed. I've seen an indifferent and a great review for the Bronze 100 so too early to draw conclusions.

Would be good to hear a demo before you buy. Or even better, a home trial.

In terms of both power output and quality, the Quad amp should be able to drive any of these speakers very well. Do you normally tend to use the tone controls/response tilt on the Quad preamp with the Rogers speakers? If so, what settings? Might give an idea of your tonal balance taste.

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