Newbie requires opinions on Sharp v Sharp v Screenplay 5700

Graham N

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Hi all,

I have been reading this forum for a while and have just demoed some pj's. I wanted to see if the vb of LCD's or rainbow of DLP's bothered me.

The vb bothered me on the LCD's but I did not have any problem with rainbows on the DLP's.

I went to compare the Screenplay 5700 against the Sharp 200e but the 5700 didn't arrive in time. However I compared the Sharp 200e against the Sharp 91e and Themescene H30.

We switched between all three and compared them. These were my observations and is where I would appreciate your feedback.

I was immediately impressed with the quality of the 200 but noticed some noise or interference that was as distracting as the vb on the LCD pj. When we switched to the 91e I did not notice this at all. The picture of the H30 was even smoother, probably softer and not as detailed. This did not show the problem either. My thoughts were to purchase the Z91e as its other benefit is its short throw lens

I was wondering if the 200 was just resolving more and was the reason for my observations. Has anybody else noticed these findings and have you compared the Sharp to the Screenplay 5700.

Thanks for your replies,



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The 5700 really impressed me, so i would suggest you go back and demo the 91e and 5700 before you decide, rainbows on DLP are effected by many different factors so make sure you know of these before you buy. Screen gain for example should be nuetral.
I havent seen the Z91e so cant comment.

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