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Mr Bigglesworth

Okay, I'm starting again, cos I was just getting more and more confused.

The speakers I want are going to be used for mainly Home Cinema, but some music too (lets say 70/30) so I want something thats decent at them both.

I have a Pioneer 350 DVD player (which will be playing cds too - not ideal I know, but very convenient for my medium sized living room) coupled with a VSX C300 pioneer amp.

I was going to get a package system, but seeing as my immediate budget is about £150, I don't think I'm gonna get anything that I'm gonna be that happy with at the end of the day for that price range.

So options are - save and then early next year splash out several hundred quite on a package system that is small and looks cute (Mission FS1 or summin) - or start getting bits separately - and so spend £150 on some fronts now, then add a centre, sub and rears later (have rears I could get away with using for now).

I think I'm gonna go down the seperates option.

So given that I am v new to this and the tech lingo, whats sort of specs/things should i look for in a speaker. Are floorstanders better than bookshelf type ones? What sort of RMS ratings? Of course I will get round to trying them, but would be nice if I could narrow down the choice to a few recommendations.

Finally, since the 2nd hand option off these classifieds is also an option, does anyone have opinions on Tannoy M3 front/MC centre/M2 rears for £175?

Ian J

Originally posted by Mr Bigglesworth
Tannoy M3 front/MC centre/M2 rears for £175?
I had Tannoy M3 and Mc Centre and for £175 you are buying far better than the rubbish that you could buy new at that price.

Snap them up.

Mr Bigglesworth

What are mission M73s like - could get them to start with - richers allegedly have them in at sub £100, and they seem to have gotton decent reviews.

(Oh and whats the Mission m7c2 like for a centre, and then something like the m72s as rears I guess which would most likely be added when I can afford the rest of it.)


get a demo. The missions are very bright, and the tannoys are abit more laid back.

Its what suits your ears


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Originally posted by i-bert
If you can up your budget a bit,then Qed-uk are doing the Eltax Chroma package for about £240.
Beware the Eltax package with your little amp. They want 4-8 ohms and your amp is best with 8 ohms only. Get the Tannoy's first (bargain) then the Missions (also v.good, but pricier)


Are the Tannoy MX3's the same as M3's? A pair have just come up for sale at £75 - would they still repesent good value?

Also - the MXC centre - is it shielded?

Thanks (another newbie)

Mr Bigglesworth

Thanks for the head up - had a look and they look good - beech too. I've posted, but fear someones beaten me to it :(

From what I've found its shielded - could someone please correct me if I'm wrong!

Mr Bigglesworth

What is the difference between the tannoy mx-m (most recent), and the plain mx series?

Also while I'm asking, is there much difference (improvement or otherwise) from the m to the mx series?

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