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Newbie reciever advice please



Hey all, I've been lurking for a while but I need some advice.

I want to get a receiver and speakers, but this post isn't about the speakers. It must work well with the following:

Samsung TV - I watch freeview on this, and has optical ouput.

PS3 - This has HDMI and Optical output. I don't know whether to connect the HDMI to the TV and only connect the Optical to the receiver or connect the HDMI by itself.

Xbox 360 - This has Component and Optical output.

PC - This will be used for sound only. It has optical output, as well as six coloured outputs. Not as important as the rest of my devices as it won't be used often.

So the way I see it is I need a receiver with at least 2 optical inputs, or 3 if it doesn't support sound over HDMI. I'm not sure what would be best for the 360, sound over component or optical.

I am aware that cheap receivers, such as Sony STRDH500 for £140 at RS, can't receive sound over HDMI.

My dad just bought an Onkyo TXSR507 for £250 at RS, and were are both very happy with it. He also got SKSHT528 speakers with it as well.
So Onkyo is the only brand I have any experience with so far.
My budget for the receiver is £200. I look on the classifieds every few days but I haven't really seen anything that is suitable.

Any ideas? If I have missed something out just say :thumbsup:.

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Firstly, you aren't going to get an AV receiver with HDMI audio for less than £250.

Secondly, you say this isn't about the speakers, but the speakers woulkd have some influence on the make of amplifier best suited to them. It is better that you give a combined budget rather than treat the speakers as though they are of no importance.

Thirdly, optical or digital audio is preferably to analogue. Analogue will not give you discrete multichannel audio such as Dolby Digtal 5.1 or DTS. HDMI is preferable if you want access to HD audio because optical and digi coax are unable to handle the bandwidth required.

The Onkyo TXSR507 or the Yamaha RXV465 are currently the cheapest AV receivers available with HDMI audio abilities. Both receivers work better with different types of speaker. The Onkyo performs better with warm sounding speakers while the Yamaha is better paired with more clinical speakers. Both receivers sell for £250, have 4 HDMI inputs and have five channels of amplified sound for 5.1 audio.

Yamaha RXV465

ONKYO TXSR507-BLK at Richer Sounds - HI-FI Separates, Home Cinema, Speakers, MP3 DVD Portables, Plasma LCD, etc.

I'd suggest the Tannoy SFX 5.1 speaker package for use with the Onkyo and the Jamo A102HCS5 5.1 package for the Yamaha. The SKSHT528 would also suit the Onkyo, but not the Yamaha.

Jamo A102HCS5 5.1 Speaker Package 500W - Black: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics & Photo

Tannoy SFX5.1 Speaker System


Well I don't know if I would get 2.1 or 5.1. Over all budget will be around £400. Hey, I'm a student :thumbsdow

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