Newbie receiver/amplifier questions.




I'm looking to buy a receiver in the $1000 range. I need it to power a set of large floorstanding speakers and a set of smaller bookshelf speakers (in another room). I don't know where to look because I don't know what brands are considered good. Any advice would be helpful.



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If you've got £1000 to spend on a receiver I'd suggest you go to a local dealer in your area (Audio-t, sevenoaks etc) and audition the usual suspects. All of the major names have models in this price range and the only way to find the one that offers you the sound and functionality you require is to go listen. I class the usual suspects as Arcam, Denon, Nad, Marantz, Yamaha who all have wonderfull receivers but are not necessarily better than one another just different:)

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