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Hiya All,
Im really new to the world of HT projector. I recently bought a used Mitsubishi x300u projector. I fired it up for a about 10 mins yesterday and was pleasantly suprised that the in the pitch dark the picture looked really bright and was around 6ft wide. Anyways to make a long story short i want to get the most out of it and I have some pretty basic questions.
1. Any obvious do's and donts....... a friend told me the lamp should not be shut off within 30 mins??
2. I have a flat wall with white matt finish paint. In the hopes of reducing clutter is a screen really necessary?
3. The screen size in the manual 40 - 300 inches. Is there a magic number (ratio) for getting the best picture to screen size?
4. What effect does lamp temp supposed to have on the picture. I will be using RGB input from DVD only.

Specs on the projector are as follows:-
2000 lumens
1:350 contrast ratio
1,024 × 768 max uncompressed resolution.

Many Thanks
Khurram Darugar

HT is Arcam + Paradigm Studio.

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