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I'm looking for stereo floor-standing speakers in the $1000 range. I listen to all sorts of music so lows, mids, and highs are all important to me.

The trouble is, I don't know where to start. I don't know what brands are considered good (yes, I know this is largely a subjective question). I was looking at Klipsch RF-7. Could I perhaps get other recommendations in that price range?

If I have good quality floorstanding speakers, would I need a sub? How much power should I give the floorstanding speakers? I don't need to shatter eardrums, and they won't be in a huge room.



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Hello again and welcome to the forums:)

I'd add linn Ninka's to your auditon list. I'm slightly biased as you can see by my sig but they are worthy of a listen imo. They offer a good upgrade path too. You can bi-wire, bi-amp, tri-amp and make active by the addition of cross over cards later should you wish.
KEF, M&K, B&W, Castle, Proac, Dynaudio appear to be highly thought of on these forums. Best to listen to the usual suspects in your price range while you audition you amp/receiver. Buying an amp to match the speakers is very important too imo.


Monitor audio and Ruark are worth a look too, and i'll second the Castle.
If you can manage to get a pair of Castle HArlech for close to the budget (RRP is about £1300) well worth a demo, outstanding build quality and finish!

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