Newbie questions on buying Amp & Speaker Setup


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Hi Folks,

I am planning to setup a 5.1 home theatre system and could use some help. I have the following sources that I need to hook up with the Home Theatre:

1. Linksys EVA9150
2. PS3
3. LCD
4. dvd player

My budget is around USD 4500 which I believe should be pretty good for getting a competitive system. The room size is around 25 ft X 30ft and I would prefer satellite/bookshelf speakers.

I am considering B&W 60X and Polkaudio for speakers and am inclined towards Pioneer LX-51 for the AV. Would appreciate some sound bytes from the experts on this forum on possible options/recommendations/similar setups that I could consider. I am open for both, all-in-one as well as independently sourced components.


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I have no idea what $4500 will bag you in Singapore these days or what is available but I do know that I got a bargain when I bought an amp in Sim Lim a few years back! I don't know if they're available in Singapore but if they are, have a listen to the Focal Dome sat system, it's meant to be a cracker and up there with the best of the lifestyle setups. Obviously a demo is important, so I would visit the dealers have a listen.


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Hi Dave,

Thanks for your inputs. While simlim is an option, however the key questions are still on what would be a preferable combination of speakers, amp & sub given my budget. I like B&Ws 60X (70 & 80 are too pricey for me), however given that B&Ws 60X range is pretty exhaustive, I would like some opinions on whether it's better to have 683/684 for front towers and 685 for rear or does it make sense to have all four - 684 with ASW610XP for the Sub.


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You shouldn't use floorstanders as rear speakers. The rear's high frequency drivers (tweeters) are intended to be higher that the front speakers. The rear soundfield is meant to be dispersed and having the tweeters at ear level makes their physical presence and location more obvious than is intended. The placement of the rear speakers should have their tweeters approximately level with your ears when you're standing and not level with them when you are seated. It is not practical to achieve this if you use floorstanders as rear speakers.

Use the 686s as rears, 684s for the stereo pair and the HTM62 centre speaker ;)

The sub can be any make and model, it doesn't have to be manufactured by Bowers & Wilkins, although the 684 Theatre package does include all the speakers plus the ASW610 subwoofer and you'll probably find it cheaper to buy the speakers as a package.

The other alternative would be the 683 Theatre package: 683 floorstanders, HTM61 centre, pair of wall-mounted DS3 surround speakers and ASW610XP subwoofer.
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