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Newbie questions about mounting a tv on the wall

Cow Puncher

Established Member
Hi all,

As the title suggests i have no knowledge whatsoever on how to mount a tv on the wall and would appreciate some help if you kind folks are able to.

I have a fairly new house and as far is i can tell i have hollow walls, not solid brick, the house is around 20 years old and looks as if it's been built by the lowest bidder. Now as i said i believe the walls are hollow but I've been made aware of "studs" in the wall which you would attach a wall mount to. Can someone advise me if this is correct?

Another thing is the cables, i wanting to have the tidy no cables look. After studying the "Wot no wires" thread i can see that it requires trenches dug out of the wall to put the cables into and then the wall plastered and hey presto. It looks all straight forward and easy, i think i might be able to pull it off with help from my mates, but is it that easy or is it deceptively difficult?

I think that's about it for now. And, depending on the responses from my call for help we'll see if i can get it done in the next couple of weeks.

All comments welcome, thanks.



Prominent Member
Shouldnt be that tricky of a job really. If you can locate the studs in the wall then you can attache it to them. Odds are you will only get one side of the bracket attached though But you could always fix a baton between the two studs and attache to that. As for the cables just get a drill attachement of about one and a half inches and drill a circular hole at the bottom of the wall and a second one behind where the TV will be mounted, then get some string and tie one end around a heavy steel nut thread through the top hole and use a piece of wire to hook it out of the bottom hole. Then simply tie the string to the cables and pull through hole.

Cow Puncher

Established Member
Cheers Sbowler, i'll give it a try then. Sounds simple enough (famous last words) :D


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I have a LCD mounted without using the joists or noggins, just straight into the plasterboard, using these.


If you place the mount on the wall where you want your TV and mark your holes, drill small pilot holes 3mm.
If they all go straight through into hollow section use the wall anchors, to use them drill a hole stated on the packet of anchors, push them into the wall and tighten, they mushroom out and press up against the wall.
If when your drilling the pilot holes you hit wood, drill and couple of pilot holes either side to make sure your not on the edge of the wood. If it's not on the edge of the wood you can just use a wood screws.


Established Member
Or buy a wood/metal handheld detector. Around £20...

That way you can safely find the centre of the joist, and also be secure that you are not going to drill through ancient water pipes or electrical cables...


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I bought a wood and metal detector and found it to be very inaccurate.
I had a gas pipe at the fire place and you could see it going into the plasterboard wall, the detector beeped when put straight onto the pipe but when I followed into the wall it couldn't detect it.

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