newbie questions about htpc specs (mostly)


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hi all, new to the forum but have been lurking for a few weeks. having just got bt infinity and a home hub at present i have my old desktop connected by wire to the home hub and my xbox 360 connected via wifi accessing content on my pc using TVersity and i quite like the idea of sharing content between the bedrooms aswell so im looking at building a htpc on a low budget for the main bedroom first because at the mintute i have a portable tv with a freeview box and a dvd player and i would like an all in one solution. unfortunately im not really up on components and all the model numbers mean nothing to me now, so my questions are:
what level of components will i need to at present play standard definition media in a small form factor unit?
having looked at software is it possible to access content on my windows xp desktop if i for example use xbmc and ubuntu on the new htpc?
and finally are monitors with built in speakers any good for the bedroom? (not wanting or need cinema quality in bed lol)
sorry for the long post just lots of questions going around my head

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