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I'm getting my HD box fitted on Sat:thumbsup:
I heard that the Pace digibox is the only one with a coaxial output, is this correct?
As I have my PS3 into my only optical input I don't want to buy a new AV receiver just for this.
How much sway do I get with the engineer if he turns up with say the Thomson digibox? Can I tell him Pace or nothing or will that just cancel my order?:thumbsdow
I got this through the friend referral so it's only costing me £49 for the box & half price package:D so I don't want to jeopardise that.:rolleyes:

Rob B

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If it turns out you need the optical, just buy an optical splitter from Maplin/Argos/online - they're dirt cheap. I've got one feeding my 360, PS3 and Sky HD all into my HT.


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My mate uses the opt > coax converter that dwhite he has the same problem: and it sounds fine. Buy in confidence.


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Yep, I have one of those too and it does the job nicely. This is digital remember so there is no degradation in quality.

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