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Hi everyone, wow what a great forum to find, must say I'm very impressed with all the topics covered.
Anyway I'm after a bit of advice, after reading a lot of your posts I decided to buy the LG 42PX3RVA, I currently have my vcr in scart 1, sky plus svhs to plasma with optical audio to surround sound amp, and Dvd player set up the same, is this the best way to go for best picture quality or is there a better way?.

Also under ism I have that set to orbiter as we quite often pause sky, dont play a lot of games so is it better to have this on or off?.

Thanks for the help folks.




Hi Paul....scart is the best bet for a vcr and the best pic via sky should be RGB via a RGB scart socket in the tv and picture settings in sky...I will leave the guys with LG,s to answer your last questions...welcome to the forum and nice to meet you :)

Dan L

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Definitely agree, the VCR is wasting a SCART ;)

Use the RGB SCART for SKY like Lionheart says, then route the VCR somewhere else. Or just throw it in the bin...hehe...
lol...cheers guy's

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