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Hi all !!

I'm new on here so please be gentle with me :D

I just wondered if anyone knows of a program that will allow me to rip a small section of a mp3 (like just the chorus for example).

The reason for me wanting to do this is so I can send smaller files to my mobile phone via bluetooth without filling up the phones memory with a full song !!


Stephen :hiya:


cool edit pro works PERFECT, i used to use sound forge before trial period ran out, as for a free program? um...i'll direct you to where you get your mp3's to begin with...i think if you convert an mp3 to wav, use sound recorder, then cut, then convert back to mp3 that should work? meh...too much hassle

edit: apparently there's a program called audacity that does it for free

mick's cat

iTunes (free) allows you to set start/end times for any track, from the Options tab of the Get Info dialog box for the track. Then if you choose Convert to mp3 (or whatever encoding format you have chosen in Preferences) from the Advanced menu, it will re-encode just that selection from the track.

Preferences also allows you to set the encoding quality to whatever suits too. I expect that you won't need too high quality for your purpose.

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