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Ok folks, quick question from a newbie sound fan here. I'm looking at upgrading to some floorstanding front speakers from the little book shelf speakers that I currently have. However, I noticed that the model I'm looking at only stands about 34 inches tall. I was under the impression that the tweeters (at about 30-21 inches high in this model) should be about at the same level as your ears (about 44 inches in my favorite chair) does this mean I'll need to get some stands for these floor standing speakers? If so, can anyone reccomend some good foot high stands? Thanks!

Steve N

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I do not think a few inches will make that much difference. However I found that most floorstanders benefit from being placed on a heavy inert base eg a concrete block for example. Despite what that sounds like it is possible to find attractive material - marble etc.
This would give you extra height and IMHO much improve the delivery.

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