Newbie Question: Which dvd player to buy?


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First time poster at this forum, read quite a few threads and people here seem to know a hell of a lot about what they are talking about, so I guess this would be a good place to ask my question!

I've just sold my Sony DVPS536D player, as I'm wanting to get a multiregion one... For reference, I thought the picture quality of this player was fine... I couldn't complain.

Which of the following players would be the best one to buy...

The Tosh 220, or the Pioneer 350

The only things that I'm bothered about are picture quality and the sound quality through the coax digital out.

Are they better/same/worse than the Sony that I had?

I'll be connecting it to a Panasonic 32" widescreen TV... I mention this cause I read on a post in another thread that there apparently are some incompatibility problems with Pana Tvs and Pioneer players... something to do with colour bleeding in RGB...

I can get both those players MR for £120 delivered, so it is all done to audio and picture... I prefer the look of the Pioneer, so if there are equal in every way it'll come down to looks.

Any reply will greatly be appreciated!


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Can't anyone give me some sort of comment/comparison between the two?

Going to have to buy one this week, and I really want to know which is the better one!

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I cant comment on the Pioneer 350 but I just sold my Pioneer 515 and bought the Toshiba 220.

You can get multiregion 220E for £129.99 delivered from BE Direct.

I connect the 220E through component connections to my Toshiba ZP18Q and its the dogs ********!

For the money, you cant go wrong!


Only seen the Tosh 220E but the picture was fab and it runs really well for a machine under £200.


The Tosh is certainly the reviewers fave of the moment.

Regarding the Pioneer, that issue has been seen on a number of their players, although I havent seen any comments on the 350, if you could get a try out with your tele, so you could compare direct, but otherwise do be careful, as there are defiantely some issues with the RGB. If you dont mind using the S Video instead, its no worries.

Definately do not buy a pioneer without a test on your Tele though, otherwise it can be regarded as compatibilty issue, and you may be refused a refund.

Ive now sold my pioneer 444 and porbably going for the Tosh, but I really want a home trial too. Im now quite wary. :(

Hope that helps, good luck.


I would only like to suggest one other player that is as good (if not better) as the two you mentioned.
Sony DVP NS 405
I have it for a month now, and i am very very pleased, both with sound and picture quality.
And it played all movies till now. Even with very scratched dvd's.
Few of them didnt play at my friend.

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