Newbie question regarding SCART leads

Apologies if this is the wrong forum.

I'm getting an RGB SCART lead for my xbox 360. Are all SCART leads RGB? And how do I know if my TV has an RGB SCART connector (I know it has 3x SCART sockets).

Should I just get a normal SCART lead and play it safe.

(I know this is probably the most newbie question ever asked so any informative help, links etc would be very helpful).

Thanks, Chris.


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Your question is a very common one. Firstly you are talking about two things.

1. A Scart cable - i.e. a connection method
2. RGB a video standard. :lesson:

ALL Scart cables can carry an RGB signal. Cables which are labelled as "RGB Only" usually mean that they do not and cannot carry sound, only video.

Therefore, the is no difference between a "normal" Scart and and "RGB" Scart. Based on the fact that your TV has 3 Scarts, I would be VERY suprised if at least one of them was not able to accept an RGB signal.

See here for some great Xbox cables.

Hope this helps!


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Most scart leads are RGB. I can't remember seeing one in a normal shop that wasn't. Look for the words "fully-wired" or "RGB" on the packaging or description. These are "normal" scart leads.

Some really cheap scart leads aren't RGB. These are usually really thin, the sort that only costs a pound or two.
Some really expensive scart leads are RGB only - they don't carry the audio signals.

You can get a decent fully-wired scart lead for a tenner mail order, or for £20 on the high street.

If your TV has 3 scarts, at least one of them will be RGB, normally the first one (ext1 or AV1). Possibly the second one will be, too. If you look in the menus of your TV, there will be options to change the settings of the ext/AV sockets. The options are normally RGB, S-Video and composite (aka CVBS).

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