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Hi All-

My first posting here. Please be kind.

I have a Mcintosh 7100 Power Amp that has both balanced and unbalanced inputs. I have an analong pre-amp and a digital pre-amp I want to hook up to the Mac.

Can I use balanced inputs for one source and unbalanced for the other?

My digital source is an Emotiva XDA-1 (balanced and un-balanced outputs) and my analog source is an Emotiva USP-1 which has only unbalanced outputs.

Any information would be greatly appreciated. I'm mostly worried about blowing stuff up !

Thanks in advance!


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I cant for the life of me see why not.

BUT you run a high risk of something going badly wrong if you were to feed the same channels(s) of the amp both the balanced & Unbalanced at the same time (or even have both pre amps on at the same time).
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It partly depends on the design of the power amplifier...

For safety you might do better with a simple 2in 1out RCA switch.

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