Newbie question re light switches and extractor fans


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Hi all
We have had our bathroom refitted recently and we installed 4 Philips Hue GU10 downlights in the ceiling. These are triggered by a motion sensor and also a 2nd gen Hue dimmer switch.
On the outside of the bathroom is a 2 gang light switch. One of the gangs controls the hue lights (and needs to be left permanently on) the other gang controls two small LEDs in a little niche above the bath and also has the extractor fan wired to it. The fan has a timer so stays on for 15 mins or so after that switch is turned off.
My newbie question is: what do I need to install so that the niche lights and fan come on when triggered by the hue motion sensor and then go off after a period of inactivity, while still allowing the extractor to continue operating for 15 mins.
Do I need some kind of relay between the switch and the niche lights and extractor?
Everything is also controlled by Apple Home.
Thanks v much


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I use one of these to control my extractor fan

Amazon product

I see no reason this device couldn't be wired to switch the switched live for the light and fan but still have the permanent live connected to the fan. I haven't wired mine like that instead the zigbee device just controls the fan and I don't use the fans own run on facility.

I use both the motion sensor and also a button on a Hue Dimmer to activate a timer, the motion sensor makes the fan run for 10 minutes after no motion is detected and the dimmer button overrides the sensor and turns the fan on for 30 minutes.

The trick for my setup was in the programming, sadly the official Hue app is somewhat limited, the Hue system itself is immensely flexible but you need to use a 3rd party app to access that potential, I also use a Dymo label maker on my dimmer switch.

If you're an iPhone user I've heard iConnectHue is the go to app, on Android I use both Hue Essentials and All4Hue to program my switches and sensors, the fan and bathroom lights are operated by the same sensor but have completely different programs and timings which I was able to do using the above apps.

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I’m having the same issue but think the ‘Hue wall switch module’ could be the answer. I only discovered these today after asking a similar question to yours on Reddit. I just ordered a pair, will let you know how we do


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Update. Seems the solution is to replace extractor fan with Svara Axia-vent extractor fan. Fan is always on and increases/ decreases speed based on light and moisture sensors. Means switch can be always on.

Have also bought the wall mount switch though as Mrs T likes using a physical switch. Will let you know how we get on

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