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I just got a miniDV camcorder and am busy acquiring the plethora of components needed to edit & store this onto DVD - I've seen videoCD and wasn't too impressed with the image quality so I'm hoping investing in some DVD MPEG2 action will be worth it.

My DVD player can handle "DVD-R/RW recorded in video mode"

And according to Ahead's website, Nero can produce
DVD ISO/UDF (Bridge)
Bootable DVD
DVD Copy on-the-fly and via image
DVD images

So I guess question 1 is Does an ISO or UDF cover whatever "video mode" is?

and question 2 is should I use video editing software rather than Nero to actually write the DVD-R as well? I think my firewire card is coming with Cyberlink's PowerDirector 2, but I'm sure there are better programs out there, any recommendations?

The DVD drive I'm considering is the Pioneer DVR-105. Question 3 would be... any feedback on that? It was the cheapest I could find at just over 200 quid on dabs.com

Cheers for any help


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Gotta say firstly the 105 is a great dvd-r drive, personally ive got a 103 but i use the 105 at work, cracking drive.
Power director is a little basic but its definately a great starting point maybe in the future you could invest in a copy of Premiere 6.5 (what i use in conjunction with a prog called CCE, fast mpeg2 enc)?
Your dvd player will read DVD videos created in Nero (Iso mode) personally i use nero as well as the video editing progs its much more powerful and will create a more compatible disc.

Heres a couple of sites with more relavent info on software and some good tutorials to.



Thanks Peasoup, much appreciated. I'll get the order in for the 105 today. I tried it out on a friend's PC last night & it was great fun but he has no DVD writer. Can't wait to get started.
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