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hey all I bought a Yamaha surround sound system for my brother.. but we have a problem..

he set it up well for the DVD and computer, but he cant manage to set it up to work on the tV..

my question is : is it possible to get the speakers to work on the TV, (he doesnt have Sky, etc) or do you need to have a digital tv decoder for it to work? if its possible, anyhting we re missing? how do you go about it?

thanks :)

rob roberts

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if your tv has an audio out socket then you should be able to hook it up and use something like a phantom setting on your amp. this should use all speakers


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sorry for the stupidity, but i m completely new to this.. you mean that if he just connects it to the audio out socket, without setting the central amp it wont work? because he did that, and the sound still comes out of the TV and not the speakers

should there be a setting on the amp to fix this or is he doing something wrong?


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Does the TV have proper audio out sockets - a pair of phono sockets?

Does the surround system have spare audio in sockets - a pair of phono sockets?

If the answer to both questions is "yes", then connecting them with a phono cable should work. You'll have to select the correct input on the surround system, and turn the volume down on the TV.
To get the best effect, put the surround amp into "prologic" mode.

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