Newbie Question: HDD & DVD Recorder with Sky

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by mrgrill, Jan 14, 2005.

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    I am looking for a combined HDD & DVD recorder that will have no problems working with a standard Sky Digital Box. I have looked around these forums and other sites in order to try find a solution which meets my needs. I have seen things such as the LiteOn LVW-5045 HDD+DVD Recorder Dual Format with 160Gb Hard Drive and the Kiss DP-558, but I'm unsure how easy they are to link up and record from Sky.

    Obviously the best solution is Sky+ because of the pause live TV and other neat features, but I like the idea of a combined solution. Can anyone explain how the HDD/DVD recorders record off Sky Digital. Is it quite easy to set which channels you want to record and can you record one channel while watching another channel or Set it up to record a programme every week like with Sky+?

    Any info would be really appreciated.
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    First things first - no DVD recorder combo is as good as Sky+. Period. Sky+ allows lossless recording, dual record, removes 'red dot' and other DOGs and can be upgraded (or brought) to huge capacities. A DVD recorder should be purchased to supplement Sky+ - not to replace it!

    That said many people do use HDD/DVDRs in place of Sky+. The features can be similar (timeslip = live pause) and a HDD/DVDR allows you to edit and archive to DVD-R. Some even control your Digibox (Toshiba RDXS32). Avoid the LiteOn, Kiss and Philips models as these don't really cut it in the quality/features stakes.

    Have a look at the 'Which DVD Recorder?' link in my signature. It will guide you through the basic FAQs - however do note that Sky+ is the best all round digital recorder for Sky...

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