Newbie Question: Connecting DVD recorder to TV/VCR combo


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I'm a newbie and not very familiar with the underlying technology of TVs, so please bear with me. I've a Bush BTV18SIL TV/VCR combo with one SCART socket. I recently received a Sony RDR-HX525 DVD recorder as a gift. I was able to connect the DVD recorder to my freeview box and my TV and then record programmes directly to the hard disk or a DVD. I can't quite figure out how to record my VHS tapes to DVD, though, because my VCR is part of my TV set. Do I need to buy a separate VCR or can I just buy a device of some kind that can capture the video signal and route it as an input to my DVD recorder?

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Hi Sue.

It has to be said that a Bush unit such as this would be considered very much a budget item , built down to a price... That alone would mean the likelihood that its connectivity is poor.
But because it is a combo unit there is even less reason to think that an output from the VCR will be available at the scart socket.

The convention in combo units is to keep the signal switching internal to the unit and not present usable outputs.

Ive tried to find the specifications of this machine but I've has no luck, so I cannot say for sure.

You COULD experiment By connecting a Scart from the TV to the Sony [ and selecting the correct input ] but it would be quite difficult to do as you would not be able to monitor the results. [ unless you had another TV]
You would have to try recording ,[ whilst playing a tape] Stop, then play back and see if you got any results . Rather cumbersome... even if it worked, which I would doubt .. but you never know.

It all hinges on whether it outputs from the scart or not.
If it does not, there is no other realistic way of getting a signal out.
You would need another VCR.

Good Luck.



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Thanks for your help, Gavin. I ended up borrowing a friend's vcr and managed to hook the entire system up, but I found out that the RDR-HX525 does not permit the recording of NTSC signals, so I can't record from my VHS tapes (most of which are NTSC) to DVD. Damn! I'm tempted to return the DVD recorder. :)

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