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Newbie Question!! Black poor performance




Im very sorry if this has been asked befrore, but I am quite new to the internet.

I have recently bought a Phillips 42" Plasma screen, kind of on impulse. I have set it up using the THX optimal settings included on the Star wars disks.

I notice when the scene is very dark or there is a patch of black, I can see what I can only describe as a shimmering but this is very noticable.

Is is a facet of Plasma as a whole or can I reduce this ?

Many thanks in advance


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I don't want to sink your boat, but it could be down to the model you have bought.
A bit more info might help, ie model??

Can you take it back? should be your priority, ATM, because you might be able to get a lot more for your money :smashin:

I'm sure the chaps on here will sort you out with advice, don't worry :thumbsup:


It was the Phillips 42PF3320. Its the current special offer at Richer Sounds where I purchased it.


It is connected via the DVI cable that came with my DVD player. I purchsed the Oppo DVD player after reading this board. Unfortunatly I did not read this board before I bought the TV :(

I was hoping it was not the TV.

The problem in more detail,

When I get black in any area on the screen I can see very very noticiable shimmering. So if the screen was totaly black it would look like very dark water in the wind!

When you look very close to the screeen about 5" away the shimmering almost looks green and the majortiy of the pixels I can see are green, and they move around very quickly.

Is there a Techinial term for this, so I can take it back and say "Mr Richer you have sold me a TV with very bad 'Black Shimmery thingy' for example"


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Maybe some lower brightness it will cure the problem?
Try it also with progressive scan off from the DVD player.


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What you are seeing is poor calibration. The point at which the red, green or blue pixels first start emitting light is adjustable on the good plasmas. I have no hands-on experience of your Philips plasma but I would be surprised if the controls aren't there, though possibly only in a service menu. If you don't want to pay someone to calibrate it properly there is a work-around. Reduce the brightness setting until the green dots vanish into black. Not perfect because you are now crushing black and losing detail close to ultimate black that you should be seeing, and as light level starts to increase above black the green pixels may well start to fire before the red and blue once again, but likely to be less noticeable.

Is there a menu option to change colour temperature? Try changing that - it is just possible that one of the other pre-sets is closer to a calibrated setting than the one that you are currently on.


Pluse of course plasmas' in general are known to have a tough time with blacks...its a trade off although some models cope much better than others...I believe Panasonic have the edge at the moment

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