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Newbie question - bet this is a new one...


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Can anyone recommend a receiver that will upscale to a 1080p,100hz, 24fps lcd..........and here's the killer......is no taller than 12cm....?

Yes, I had a housing handbuilt from oak and sunk into the wall ready for my wall mounted tv that it has taken me 4 years to save for.....and the max height for any unit is 12cm.....That'll teach me.:oops:


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There isn't one as far as I know ! you would also need a good bit of space above the amp for air to circulate, for example the Onkyo TX-SR875 which I am getting ( which would do what you are asking ) requires at least 20cm of free air above the amp. The gap needed for air circulation is more than your max amp measurement ! You might need to rethink you amp position ?


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Putting aside air space above the receiver for the moment, take a look at JVC's AVRs. I can't recall any manufacturer's AVR being "shorter" - ~ 10 cm.


I have just been in exactly the same situation but with 140mm maximum height per component. It's very hard to find surround receivers that are anywhere near this.

I ended up going with a preamp and NAD power amp in the cabinet plus a multi channel amp in the room behind my rack. For the two NAD units in the confined space, I used two 80mm silent (14db) computer fans and a lian li TR-3 fan controller and temp monitor to keep them cooled, this worked very well and made a huge difference to the heat.

Arcam and some of the Denon and NAD gear is fairly short but I'm not sure the exact measurements.

(I almost thought I was having to go with a HTIB for a second, but then pulled my head in and made the nessassry holes in the wall)


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Thanks for the informative replies guys...

I looked at separating the upscaling from the audio but the rated upscalers seem more expensive on their own than the combined units. !!

One possibility could be:

I remember years ago a friend had an amp in a room behind his rack that fed an infrared cable that poked through the wall to communicate with the remote. Anyone heard of such a feature and know of suitable equipment that supports this? I know it's a long shot.....Pretty cool though :cool:

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