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I'm a newbie and have just got myself a panny 6 plasma. This is the first 16:9 TV I had.

Some DVD I have (region 1) does not seem to have the correct aspect ratio for 16:9 TV. They look right on the old 4:3 TV on letterbox format. But looks odd on the new panny 6. Unless of course I put it on 4:3 which means about half the screen is wasted. Would very much appreciate if someone can shed some light on this. Thanks!


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Make sure that your DVD player is set to output to a 16:9 TV.

On the Panny 6, as with all widescreen TVs, films with an aspect ratio of 2.35:1 will still display black bars at the top and bottom of the picture.

Films with an aspect ratio of 1.85:1 should fill the screen almost perfectly.

If you want 2.35:1 films to fill the full screen, you will need to use the 'Zoom' mode on the Panny 6, but be aware that this will cut off some of the image.


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some reg1 DVDs even though in 16:9 still appear distorted on 16:9. I don't know if it's a bad coding of the disc or my old DVD player fails to read the aspect ratio correctly. I have everything set on 16:9 and still get this problem sometimes. If you are not happy with watching it quarter screen try 'Zoom' aspect ratio. It tends to cut a bit at the bottom and at the top but fills in the screen. Picture quality suffers though.


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Not all DVDs are <<16x9, Enhanced for Widescreen TV, Anamorphic>>.

For those that aren't you need to find the screen mode whereby the image is expanded equally in both directions so as to fill the screen widthways, and to hugely overscan vertically (ie crop the top and bottom of the image, which is plain black anyway so you aren't losing anything). Some mfgs call this 'zoom' mode.


Sorry to but in, but can I ask what 'Anamorphic' means? I see it mentioned all over the place but can't find an explanation of it.



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