newbie question amp+speakers or all i one package?



ive been reading all the info here on amps
my question is should i buy a sepereate amp - been looking at marantz sr 4200 4300 5200 etc for 250 - 450 pounds and then seperate speakers approx 150-300 OR should i play save and buy a package like the sony pascal orsony htb htdd etc

i have a tosh 32 zd26 tv
tosh sd 420 e dvd with built in decoder

i have already a music system elsewhere so really i dont really need a radio so its just for the tv dvd home cinema
my budget is around 400-700
what puts me off going down the amp route is that i will have different companies products etc will the equipment talk to each other?


I would advise going the separates route, simple reason is you can upgrade far more easily in the future, in addition to that you aren't as limited with just basic connections. IMO the price you pay for some AIO systems you can put together a system from seperates which will have better sound/build quality.

As for matching up, the most important thing is to get all speakers from the same manufacturer and range, the rest of the equipment will hook together with phonos and digital cables and talk to one another just nicely. ;)


thanks for the info
ill start looking seriosly then at marantz 4300 ans 5200 then

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