NEWBIE QUESTION #1 - Budget = £1000, what TV?



Hello brainy people, I'm new and need advice/help already :rolleyes: .

Right, my mother is buying a new TV from Comet (don't ask, just don't ask ok, that's where she's buying it) and she has a budget of £1000 MAX!

She is looking for 32" Widescreen (must be this size, again don't ask :rolleyes: ).

Anyhoos, me and my big mouth says "I'll go and ask the experts on AVForums for ya" - that was 2 weeks ago, and she's buying the thing tomorrow or Friday/Saturday at the latest.

So, can anyone shed some light on 'the' telly to buy from Comet at the moment, for £1000 ????

Picture and audio clarity are of utmost importance since my parents are getting old-ish and getting a wee bit blind+deaf - you know what oldies are like ;).

Not bothered at all about any other features and gizmos, they will NEVER watch a dvd on that telly, and they hope to never have to buy another telly again (their last telly lasted 18 yrs, and is still going strong in my brothers house, but then again it was a Grundig, such quality :) ).

Please help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :p


whatever you buy do not buy a philips 9576 these are crap.& are under a £1000 at comet so don`t be tempted by it. the tosh 32zd26 is a good tv but i don`t know how much it is from there but empire direct have it for £835 now that is a good price.& has the best picture that i have ever seen on a tv.but it had a fault that i could not live with which was that the sides were lighter than the middle but some people do not have this problem.
good luck mate

alle v

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...If you show them the difference between the Comet store and Comet web prices would they consider buying from the comet web site?

A bit more for their money at least :)


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Sony DX40?


Thanx for the help chaps, she is unwilling to trust the comet website :rolleyes: but I've passed onto her the suggestions so far......whether she listens is another thing entirely.......thnx anyway. :)

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