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After ages of lurking, debating agonising about which dislplay, plasma/RPTV/LCD-RPTV to get, I wandered into my local Panasonic dealership Friday to find them unloading 42PW6 screens for sale at £2k so I bought one on the spot.

I had cold sweat for a day until they delivered and set it up, and fell in love :clap: :clap:

I am astonished at how good Sky+ via scart actually is. :thumbsup:

I am still experimenting with the connections. I hav econnected my DVD via component to an iScan Pro to the Plasma VGA socket.

Is the iScan Pro doing the same/better/different job than the legendary JS RGB2VGA converter?

I have tried Sky+ via S-video - iScan - VGA but wasn't really impressed.

I have looked over at the Video Processing forum but struggled to understand a blind word they were on about :( :rolleyes:

Anyone suggest any alternative way to connect up my kit? I may soon change the DVD to a Panny E85, if that changes anything

Sky+, DVD Sony 75D, Yamaha A2


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I personally have an I-Scan and of course many Plasma VGA boxes. I can say that the RGB Plasma VGA solution gives a much sharper image than the I-Scan. At this moment, I've got Sky connected via the RGB to Plasma VGA unit, and it's a very clean picture.

Video scalars can help with motion, but remember you've still to get the right signal to them first. For that, you need the RGB to Component converter connected from Sky first.

All the best,

Dr John Sim.


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I recently sold my Iscan as i was disappointed with the results (softer picture, some motion issues) and now just use the JS RGB to VGA converter from my Sky+ box and the picture is superb.



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As a note (and sorry John), you don't specifically need the RGB2YUV with the new iScan HD as it supports RGBS input which is normally available using a Scart=>4RCA cable...

Check out my iScan HD review thread in the video processing forum for more info.


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