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Newbie:Problem with Set-Up

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by JLC, Jan 7, 2005.

  1. JLC


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    Hi there, I wonder if you can help. I bought a new tv for Xmas and have connected the following equipment.

    Philips 24pw6518:- Two Scarts:- One RGB, One Comp/Video
    Panasonic DVD Player:- One Scart
    Panasonic Set Top Box TUCT20 :- One Scart
    Hitachi VCR :- Two Scarts

    I connected the DVD Player straight into the RGB scart of the TV.
    I connected the Set top Box into the Video Recorder, then the Video recorder into the other TV Scart socket.

    Have I connected this all in the best possible way??????
    It appears to work fine for the DVD Player and the Video. There is however some problem with the Set Top Box. I have noticed there is a horizontal line that works its way up the picture. Its faint, but once you start noticing it, it is a bit annoying! Takes about a second to go all the way up. Looks as though the picture is scanning or something.

    Any help on why its doing this, any solutions and also is it better to connect another way would be really welcome. Many Thanks for your anticpated help.
  2. Ian J

    Ian J

    Aug 6, 2001
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    Your Panasonic Freeview STB will output RGB signals which are of much higher quality than the composite signal that you are currently feeding into the TV.

    It's a shame that both your DVD player and Freeview box have only one scart socket each otherwise you could daisychain one into the other and onwards to the single RGB enabled scart on your TV.

    Two options that you may wish to consider are 1) replacing your DVD player with a model sporting two scart sockets or 2) Buying a scart box so that you can feed signals from both the DVD player and the Freeview box into it and onwards to the single RGB scart on the TV

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