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Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by aeg, Mar 9, 2006.

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    I am new to the world of AV / Home Cinema (well, in any depth, anyway!) I have been thrown in at the deep-end a little - here's the story so far:

    My boss, who I have known for many years, and worked for for 5, is in the process of converting an out-building into a Gym (which will have an Epson TW-600 projector with 100" screen and will be used as a Home Cinema as well), sitting room/kitchen area and a 'family room'.

    He wants the 'Gym' to be the main focus of the Home Cinema with this Epson Projector (which we have already purchased). We have got SVGA, SVideo and Composite cables going to the projector behind the plasterboard, and speaker cables to all corners of the room back to the 'control area'.

    The intention was/is to run this all from a PC running Windows MCE, and then take the audio output from this into an amplifier to run the surround speakers. He has been looking at Denon AV Amps such as (initially) the AVR-1706, and also the AVR-3805 or 3806!

    I have just been looking at these units, and realise that they have Video IO Connections - I am probably being thick here, but WHAT ARE THESE FOR - does the unit switch them? Can the 3806 connect to a second TV (i.e. in the sitting area) and display a different source on there?

    What would be everyones recommendation for the interconnects - we intend(ed) to use the PC with DVD Drive, and Sky box as Inputs, connect this to the projector, and take the output from the PC to the Amp (PC has Optical outputs - going to use a Shuttle Small Form Factor Case).

    These are probably dumb questions, but I am a little lost with all of this, and am expected to know everything...!!!! (and I have to recommend and source products too :confused: )

    Thanks for you help,

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    Hmm I'm a bit confused also.

    If you have the audio out from the pc -> amp and picture -> screen, should be fine I would have thought, could push the picture through the amp also, then you would be able to switch between different inputs if you needed to.

    My Arcam has composite in and out for the purpose of recording to the video...never used it though.

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