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I am a newbie at video recording. I want to start recording my cricket match videos this season in summers. I am after a reasonable priced camcorder which is somewhat water proof for it to just stand the rain. I will buy the tri pod, and then look for an editing software.

I do not have any clue as I have not done any sort of this thing before. So any help will be appreciated:

1. Which cam to buy? (reasonable priced,as I may not like eventually when I start recording and editing)
2. Video Editing tips and tricks, like which software is the best?
3. And finally creating a youtube Chanel for my videos.

Thank you, have a good day!


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  • A "real" camcorder that is waterproof is hard to find. But JVC has some, like the GZ-R495BEK.
  • For an easy editing software, take a look at MacroSystem BogartSE or Compoesy (beta state, free)
  • For YouTube you will need a Google/Gmail account. Logged in there is a camera symbol at the top right. There you can upload your videos. Private just for you, not listet for family with the link, or public where everyone can find+see them.
The Google/Bing search will find the above listed hard+software. I think links are not welcome here. :)


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Thanks Mate,

Really appreciate your reply!

1. I presume JVC to start with is alright then? It is £250ish here and I suppose I can't go any lower than that since I need something with water resistance.

2. Macrosystem(seems to be a website with .us)>> There I found some links on the left side "bogart smart edition 12 etc". I will give it a try later in the evening. I hope it works on Macbook.

3. Sure, once I set up my hardware/software then I will create a dedicated gmail account.


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Not understood who will be watching this when it's done...?
For a trial-recording that may be difficult to justify - and presumably you have no prior experience of camcorder filming/Editing- all making things rather difficult.
With COVID about, I'm wondering where this cricket-match will be... but maybe outdoors won't be an issue once the summer comes?
That JVC - not "popular here, or at filming clubs IMHO - but does it need to be waterproof anyway? - read-on...
It's a good choice of camcorder . . . but the thing will need protection from both Sun and Rain - a small umbrella/shade should do, if it can be firmly attached to the chunky tripod for the camcorder.... which makes me wonder "where" you will be placing it? - almost anywhere could be hit by the ball and a knock at speed will probably wreck the camcorder. Stout wire guard could help- maybe.
Then there is making it interesting... a long view of the field won't be as interesting as "live-viewing" - since our brains see the centre of the whole view (like a telephoto lens does), Different camera-shots, angles , etc. will help - but avoid zooming-about . .. This suggests at least two camcorders and one active operator. (maybe more).

Can't help thinking this would be better tackled by a local film-making club - who can provide several members to film one "put-on" Match to get them used to the play-issues.... then their advice will be studied.
A small Donation, or a Cream-Tea would be in order.
Much cheaper are GoPros and their look-a-likes (about £50) - with battery-limits of ~1hr they are waterproof in their housing. However, their very wide view will destroy all the action, (unless by the stumps - making them liable to damage.).
Professional cameras will be placed high-up and have really expensive long-zoom lenses to cover the ball as it moves about.
Also, I suspect a consumer camcorder . . . just won't register the ball., unless it ventures nearby . . . . Sports matches are NOT easy to film.

Sorry, but hope that helps..H
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The MacroSystem software will only work with Windows 7 and newer.
As for Apple, you should have iMovie already as part of the operating system.


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Commercial rain covers are normally aimed at DSLR cameras.
I made my own rain cover and essentially it was very easy. Your camera of choice will have a threaded ring in front of the lens. You get a clear filter, UV for example, that is a size larger than the lens ring. Then a step down ring to match the filter to the camera. Get a sizable plastic bag and cut a hole in the side to match the filter. Trap the plastic between the filter and the step down ring, then fix the camera to the step down ring. Try it - it works.:thumbsup:
For the sound you may need to add an external mic to the camera.


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Thanks for all help. Sorry I had lost the thread and notifications.
My aim is to upload the videos for public and mostly my teammates to have a look and have fun later.

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