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Hi Folks - some of what I am going to ask is highly subjective I know. However, I am going to ask anyone as I am so damn confused right now.

I need a new telly for my flat. I was going to buy an LCD because I like to play XBOX quite a bit, however what I have read on this forum is that if you set the contrast conservatively you will not get permanant burn in on the latest generation of plasmas. Is this right?

If I go plasma (MUCH better value for money than LCD it seems), is the Panasonic PW6 a good choice? What is the difference between PWD6 and PW6B?

Cheers in advance.


The PW6 is a good choice screen burn wise, they are tough. Difference between models is the colour of the bezel, and unless specified in the offer of sale, the video card is only bundled with the silver PW6. You could end up with just a VGA/YUV input with the PWD, so check what's being offered.


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I've got a PW5 and an XBox connected through to it too. Although, I use the plasma mostly for Sky and DVD, I do do some Project Gothem racing, and soon Unreal. Just keep a mix of games playing and you should be fine.

Use the Microsoft Advanced SCART lead and connect either via a Plasma VGA unit or an RGB to Component converter. I have the XBox connected to Sky + before being converted.

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Originally posted by MAW
The PW6 is a good choice screen burn wise, they are tough.
MAW this may sound like a silly question but are you saying that the PW6 is better than the PWD6 for screen burn?
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