newbie on amps and speakers

iv got a th50px60 and a dmr ex85, but no quality audio products.I need an amp,and some speakers.But iv not got alot to spend at all.if i save up abit il probs have about £250 to spend.I dont want something really cheap and cheerful.I want a quality product at a cheap price.Thats why i cam on here,seeing if any of you guys can help me out.I havent got a clue what to get. All i know is that i want amazing sound quality when im watching my dvds and tv and listening to music.I dont know whether or not everything should connect to my DVD recorder, or if it all connects to the amp, and then that connects to my DVD Recorder.i really havent a clue.Someone out there please like surround sound.The thing is though,i live in my loft,although it is huge, there is slanting roof on either side,and on one side i wouldnt be able to put them tower speakers there.So i think im probs limited to little speakers.And wire them to the wall or something.thanks in advance,your really helping me out
although if theres quality products just above my price range,then im willing to save up some more money.i just dont want to be paying like 400 or 500 pounds.


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Have a look at the Yamaha AV59. You can get it for around £200 or a little over.

It's an amp with 5.1 speakers.

I've not heard it, but it's supposed to be good.

You would hook up your DVD direct to the amp, probably using an optical cable. This would give you 5.1 surround sound.

TBH, if you think about it, you're asking quite a lot getting a good quality amp, speakers and sub for £250.
do you think i should go with the yamaha set or maybe try the panasonic home threatre sets out, the only probs with them is that there all dvd players.i dont need a dvd player i got the ex85,do you know if you can get just a panasonic amp and panasonic speakers, with out the home threatre package.
hi.does anyone have any recommedations for a speaker/amp system which should i go for. most of the time i will be listening to it for the tv, and i will also use it to listen to music. I dont think i can afford anything outrageously dear like more than £500, Im only 18. I dont think i want the big tower speakers there wouldnt be any room in my loft. maybe the smaller speaker sets.preferably the ones that can be wall mouted. I think i wil only need about 4 speakers,2 rear ones and 2 for the front,what you think is that right.
When buying an amp is it better to buying matching speakers,i.e all the same brand.Iv been looking at the yamha package deal i think its called 59.That looks pretty you have any thoughts on this.
I will have my carpet fitted tomoz, so im thinking how can i conceal the cable, im guessing the wireless speakers will be way out of my budget.What is bi wirable iv heard this, but i dont know what it means.the speaker and amp will be hooked up to my plasma and dvd recorder, if thats any help. my room is pretty big,but the square space where i think i mite place my speakers is 14ft in lenght and 10ft wide.So its like abit of a fat rectangle. I not bothered about having music blaring loud because my brother lives underneath me, with stairs connecting so he would just moan all the time,but i do want some amazing sound.I think you describe as clear, and not dead bassy.I told you i have no idea what im talking about.i just want some amazing surround sound for when im listening to music and watching movies.
Thanks in advance, i appreciate all your help.

James :thumbsup:
just another question whats the difference between 5.1 and 6.1 or 7.1 or even 9.1. how do you get from 5.1 to higher, and is there a noticable change in the sound


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still a lot of questions there.

5.1 sound is where you have front left, centre, front right, rear left and rear right speakers (ie 5 speakers). The .1 comes from the sub.

6.1, 7.1, etc simply add more surround speakers.

To get this you need an amp capable of decoding and the correct number of speakers. Not really something I would suggest you need to worry about at your budget.

It is best to have matching speakers (especially across the front) to make sure they integrate properly.

I would suggest it's best if you can get yourself down to a shop (Richer Sounds, or even Comet or Currys) to have a demo of a 5.1 set up so you can know what to expect for your cash.
thanks for the reply, iv kinda figured out what i need.

so iv got my tv and recorder,and now i feel the need to enhance the amazing picture quality with some speakers and amp.all the surround sounds what iv been looking at have a dvd player, and its pointless to me because i already have one.So i think i should stay clear from the home cinema not after floor standers, i think im after something low key,small and wall mountable.Does anyone recommend the warfedale range.
lazymatt do you think i should just stick with 5.1 for my price you rate the yamaha av59 package,will this have good sound.



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I've not heard the AV59 myself, but it is liked a lot on these forums (do a search and I'm sure you'll throw up a few threads). I think it's probably quite a good intro to home cinema.

I started with a free Goodmans Pro-Logic package I got with a TV & VCR, and was more than happy with it for a few years. The AV59 will be miles better than that.

Before you buy anything make sure you can either have a demo in store, or get it home and return it if you don't like it.

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