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    hi all,

    total newbie here so prepare for the dumb questions !!!

    im in the last month of planning a charity event in aid of my 1yr old son who has Cystic Fibrosis, kinda like a Gumball event but involving Volkswagens.

    so over the bank holiday weekend i drove the 1800 miles filming along the way,using my handycam dvd-105.....i like most only use this to film the kids in order to embarass them later in life ;)

    i had a mixture of dvd-r & dvd-rw, the rw's being jvc the -r's being cheap ebay buys.

    as i was driving solo the -r's wern't finalized when the disc was nearly full (might of crashed) i simply took the disc out and carried on filming with another.

    upon my return some of the discs (-r) have been fine and finalised no probs, but two (sods law the most important ones looking back) simply wont load, the recorder keeps saying "disc error" and a code c.13.02 or something keeps flashing up.

    ive read on the web about maybe being able to recover the images somehow......but beware im a total novice and some forums have just baffled me !!!!

    oh also, how the heck do i get the images (ie video footage) from my camcorder to my computer and then into windows movie maker??? with the driving footage im trying to make a little trailer of what the teams on the charity event can expect......but im stumped at the first hurdle :oops:

    this is the 8cm dvd model and i thought you could just put that in the dvd tray and kinda copy it over into movie maker but it keeps saying it doesnt recognise the format ??? HELP !!!

    any help would be greatly received.

    many thanks

    Glenn :thumbsup:
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    North Somerset
    ISO buster may be able to retrieve the files you can use it as a freebie

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