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Hello everyone, My name's Glenn, I'm a complete novice and I need some advice please.

My questions are two fold, firstly, I have a laptop, Ipad, itunes with a couple of thousand tracks on it, a Xyzel NSA310 nas drive, (which I've never used) and a pair of Sonos One's, my question is can I put my iTunes library on the NAS and how ? I've been reading countless threads of advice recently, downloaded Evermusic, (which kind of works) but I need to understand if I need more hardware, storage etc. Ultimately, I just want to play music on my Sonos's without using the PC.

Secondly, like countless thousands, I'm sure, of middle aged guys, I want to play vinyl again.

To be brutally honest, my budget is limited as is space. Whatever I set up it will only be in the lounge and not used often. I'm not an audiophile but I would like to listen to my old vinyl from time to time and sound reasonably good.
The Sonos One's are more than adequate for me in terms of quality and there in lies the problem:
I want to play vinyl occasionally but through the Sonos which uses, I believe, Airplay.

I recently bought a bluetooth turntable, thinking that would work, only to find it doesn't, (rookie mistake) !

Do I have to have an amp or can I use a pre-amped deck with phono out ?
Can I simply use a second hand Sonos connect, (ebay £100) or must it be an amp ?
Do I need a networked receiver or separate amp ?

Basically, I'm looking to get going again for the minimum fuss and cost, perhaps you guys think I should ditch the Sonos and start again ? But as I said, limited budget and space so as I already have the speakers, there must be a solution.
I've seen posts with guys using a Raspberry Pi to transmit an Airplay signal, but you need a degree in computer science for that !

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.




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Afaik the connect is fine, you only need the amp if you want to run non sonos speakers

If your turntable has no built in preamp you'll need one of them

The iTunes part I've no idea

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