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Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by TowserTowser, Oct 17, 2004.

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    I need some help to connect up my equipment as follows, if anyone can help
    please reply here or e-mail me at towsertowser at I would be
    really greatfull for any help supplied.

    Thomson 28WR25OG TV (with 2 scarts and 1 coax)
    Panasonic DMR-E30 DVD Recorder ( Digital Audio out(PCM Bitstream) 2 Scarts,
    1 coax in, 1 coax out, Phono L&R, Composite Video & S-Video (1 set for in
    and 1 set for out))
    Amstrad Sky Digibox (2 scart, 1 coax in, 2 coax out, phono L&R)
    Philips Mono Video (this is purely for connection to a security camera
    therefore only connections required are camera in Camera is currently
    conected via a scart) and an output to tv)
    Philips LX3750W DVD player and Sound Suround System (Audio input analog AUX,
    TV in (cinch) Digital 1 x cinch, Audio output analog, line out (cinch)
    digital 1 x cinch, 1 x Optical, Subwoofer Pre-Out (cinch). Video Output
    Composite (cinch) S-Video (Hosiden) Component (YUV)
    Security Camera (1 x Scart out)

    I also have a automatic switching box that has three Phono Left and Right
    and Composite Video outputs and two Phono Left and Right and Composite Video
    inputs that I can use if need be and also a three into one manual scart
    switch box, this has 3 x scart in and 1 x scart out.

    I need to have the facility to record on the dvd recorder from TV, Sat and
    the DVD player. As I said the video is just to record images from my
    security camera but I do need to view it on the tv.

    At the moment I have a crap picture on both my Camera channel and more importantly Sky, I have tried changing the channels to see if they 'interfere' with each other but havent managed to improve the picture.

    I hope someone out there can understand the above and can help me out..

    Thanks in advance


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