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Hi all. I am just deciding on my final choice, do i buy the panny 6 from nexnix at £2300 with the component/composite board or from av sales with the scart board?

I had liked the av sales package (screen, scart board, wall bracket and Quintro) but now i think i need help. At present everything connects to my TV via normal scart, my xbox connects via scart but into the RGB scart socket which is why i liked the Quintro and scart set-up, however, will i get better picture using the component board? If so, do I have to have component output?

Could I connect all my bits into a quintro via scart and then have a scart to component lead???

As you can tell, I know bugger all when it comes to what connects and how, all i know is that given a choice I would rather go for the best option....



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i had a similar dilema. i went for both the comp board and scart, wired the dvd player to comp and freeview to scart with my x box using a second scart on the freeview box. the pic quality was very good for dvd, acceptable for freeview but poor for xbox as the second scart on the freeview only outputs svideo. so i borrowed a js tech sart box and js rgb to vga box, passed the x box and freeview box into the js scart box which was connected to the rgb to vga box then to plasma via the vga input. The difference was very noticable with an improvement in tv quality and a maasive difference in the x box quality. much cleaner and sharper. so i would but the comp board and the 2 js box's.


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If you ask, AV-Sales should also be able to supply the Panny with the dual slot board (TM6Y) for a simiar cost to nexnix.

In order to use the component input, you will need devices that have component outputs, like a DVD player or you will need to buy converters that convert the scart RGB output into a component output - the most common one being the JS Tech one at about £150 ish each. You cannot just get a scart to component cable unfortunately. You can also get an RGB2VGA which converts a scart RGB output into a VGA output allowing you to connect to the VGA input on the Panny (which is a hard wired input on the screen)

From what you describe, you will probs be best with the AV-Sales deal as this will be pretty similar to your current setup and will ensure you can simply use your scart connections - ideally using RGB for all sources to get the best picture.

Yes, you will probs get a sightly better picture with component, but will involve more money and you will lose things like widescreen switching etc. - it depends how far along the quest for ultimate picture quality you want to go and how you want to compromise.

Personally I use the component input on the TM6Y board with a JS Tech RGB2VGA for NTL (using a VGA=>5xBNC cable) and use the VGA input on the screem for my DVD player (using 3xRCA=>VGA cable). I then plug my Xbox into the 2nd scart (using a scart cable) on the NTL set top box as it supports RGB passthrough.

With this setup I get great pictures from all three sources and only needed to buy the component/composite (TM6Y) board and 1 RGB2VGA converter.

Good Luck!!! :)


P.S. Xbox on 42" is very cool :D

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