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I'm looking to purchase a Sony DAVS500 DVD/Cinema system. My budget is £300 and I believe this to be the best product considering I want to keep boxes to a minimum.

The system will be going in a small living room 14'2" x 10'6" with the TV angled in the corner.

There is laminate flooring and white walls.

The speakers are 10cmx10x11.

I need advice on where to put the speakers and how to mount them. Also, what do I do with the wires. I'm thinking of white speaker wire along the bottom of the wall.

Will it matter much if I put the 2 front speakers on either side of the TV?

Any advice would be really helpful. I need to keep the missus happy.




It should do fine. I know someone that has the exact same set up as you. It is abit akward when trying to put home cinema kit in, but you dont want your living room to get spoilt just to get some cinema sound.

The wider they are (until a certain point) the better.

You could got some cheap sattalite speaker stands and place them next to your tv, as far apart as possible. And you centre onto up your tv(or similar).

They sound fine on my mates set-up (which is the same as yours, i said).


Thanks for the advice. Where do I put the subwoofer? Somewhere near the TV would be ideal.

Ian J

Ex Member
Preferably somewhere between the front two speakers but move it about a bit until you get the best compromise between sound and positioning.

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