Newbie needs advice on getting a motorised dish installed


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Sep 16, 2020
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I am after a motorised satellite dish system installed and would appreciate any advice given as I’m new to this and clueless where this is concerned.
Basically I want a motorised dish and receiver just for the English football, i.e, Premier League, cup games etc. What is the best dish to receive the channels that show the English games? I was originally told to go for at least 1m size but have since been informed an 80cm mesh dish will do the trick? Do any channels show the games in 4K? What is the best receiver to go for, especially if I can get 4k games?
Also can anyone recommend a supplier/installer in the North West area.
Thanks in advance.
Are you expecting the Premier League to be Free to Air?
"Expecting"? I think "Hoping" might be a better word. "Disappointment" shortly follows?
A subscription to which service?
I’m not clear about why you need a motorised system.
So I can watch the English games that are shown constantely on European satillites. My mate has one and I was impressed with his set up but he had his installed years ago.
Can you specify which satellites you want, and which channels?
I am not sure which satellites and channels broadcast them which is why I was hoping somebody could help me
It will start at around £200 but can go way higher. It all depends on what you want to receive.
My mate paid £250 and got a good set up but that was a few years ago. I have only rang one company so far which I found on the internet and they quoted me £450 and didn't really give me much information. I don't mind paying that if I know I will get what I'm looking for but they were a bit too vague.
But what are you looking for? If you’ll give more detailed information we may advise that a motor is not needed at all.
I want to be able to recieve all the european satellites that show UK football. My mate recommend I get at least a 1m metre dish to recieve these. I don't know anything about receivers as well and hoped someone could recommend a decent one, preferably that can show 4k
Then ask your mate which satellites you need to receive from.
If your mate is recommending a 1m dish, he must know something about it, but having said that, it's not necessarily true.
I have asked him but he doesn't know if he has all the channels that show UK football and he was recommended a 1m dish when he bought his but it was 8 years ago. I have tried looking for information but its a minefield and want to make sure I choose the correct one before I make a purchase.
Begin by asking which channels he subscribes to.
I have some more information. I have found the channels I need:

Sport TV
Ziggo Sports
Eleven sport1,2,3,4,5
Canal+sport 1,2,3,4
Digisport 1,2,3
Arena sport 1,2,3

The company that quoted me £450 provide those channels. They have also got back to me with details of the equipment they use.
The dish: 85cm Technomate mesh Dish with a Technomate diseqc 1.2 motor.
Receiver: Either Openbox or enigma 2 boxes ( Vu-Zero, Zgemma H9S)

I wondered whether it would be worth getting the equipment myself and then getting someone else to install it. Somebody else quoted me £225 with cable just for installation so I don't know if it's worth buying the items separately.

What is the difference with the receivers above? Are they recommended?
I’ve no idea whether you can get cards for those six networks but would guess that if you can they’d cost as much a month as the supply and installation!
Any advice or the two types of receivers mentioned as I know nothing about them?
They’re among the low priced models, but any will do. I’d go for a Technomate myself.

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