Newbie Needs advice on 1080p home projector setup


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Hi guys I want to set up a projector and screen in my living room using my HTPC to provide the video content. The problem is my htpc is on one side of the living room on my tv unit with my 32 inch hdtv which is where I want my screen to be. And the projector will be on a shelf 10ft away on the other side of the room on a shelf above my sofa.

I do not want to run a hdmi cable all around my walls and doorframe to reach there to plug into the pj, knowing hdmi that length will probably have issues. Is there any way to do this wirelessly? Like cheaply wireless HDMI. Also I'm way more focused on image than sound. If the sound isnt good enough from the pj speakers, Will some cheap 2.1 setup be good enough. I literally wont have it loud anyway as I'll be watching movies late with the wife while the kids are asleep mere feet away in bedrooms.

Budget needs to be as low as possible like £150 to £200 all in I realise this wont be new equipment and second hand. In summary:

  • FullHD decent picture with ok contrast ratio
  • Low fan noise
  • Wireless video input if possible with no latency obviously
  • £200 or under
  • Cheap screen.


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UPDATE. I realize nobody is replying because what I'm asking for is impossible. So my budget has been upgraded to £600 and not a penny more.

Have at thee. Second hand or new. Forget the wireless hdmi for now, And screen is sorted already. 120".

Some ideas I have seen:

Epson eh tw-6600 - new £600

  • Lumens: 2500
  • Resolution (Native): Full HD 1920 x 1080
  • Throw Ratio: 1.32-2.15
  • Contrast: 70,000
  • Technology: LCD
  • HDMI Inputs: 2
  • Lamp Life (Est.): 5000

Benq w1060 - used £270

  • Brightness: 2,000 Lumens
  • Contrast ratio: 5,000:1
  • Resolution: 1920x1080 Full HD
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3 / 16:9 (HD)
  • MAX resolution: 1920x1200
  • Lamp Life: 4,500 hours / 6,000 hours (eco)
  • Display Type: DLP

Optoma hd146x - new £500

  • Single 0.65” DMD DLP
  • 6-segment colour wheel
  • Native Resolution: Full HD (1920 x1080)
  • Contrast Ratio : 25 000:1
  • Brightness (ANSI): 3600 lm
  • DLP BrilliantColour Technology
  • Native 16:9 Apsect Ratio, 4:3 compatible
  • Colour features - up to 1.07 billion with DeepColour source (HDMI v1.4a)
  • Lamp 240W: 3500 (Bright), 12000 (Dynamic), 10000 (Eco)
  • Focal Length: 15.59 ~ 17.14
  • Projection Distance: 1.0 - 9.8 metres
  • Picture Size: 0.71m - 7.65m (28" - 301") Diagonal 16:9
  • Standard Lens Zoom: 1.1x Manual
There are bound to be loads more but these caught my eye for my needs.
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You could still look to the second hand market to with some older Sony, JVC Epson and Panasonic models. All these manufacturers have a good lens shift, very good 1080p image will outperform many new projectors costing the same price

So model numbers to look for:
JVC DLA-HD350, HD550, HD750, HD950, x3, x7, x30, x70, x35, x55, x75
Panasonic PT-AE1000, AE2000, AE3000, AE4000, AT5000, AE6000
Epson EH-TW3200, TW4500, TW5500, TW9000, TW9100, TW9200,

There are many more model numbers, but those are some of the main picks which you should still be able to find on the market. Do be aware with older models, you could have other issues with the lamp, panels etc, so I would recommend viewing before purchasing (although that in theory will be imposiable with CoVID-19)


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Thank you Shane PJ I was beginning to think never I would get a reply. I went and did loads more research and found an Epson eh-tw3200 for just over 200 pounds with 1 quarter lamp life used.

I don't know if this is a good deal or not but I snapped it up because the specs met exactly what I want. Good reviews, lens shift, 1080p, keystone and good zoom. No motion blur, great blacks and quiet in eco mode anyway which is probably what I'll use. And contrast ratio of 25000 to 1.

I know it might be 8 years old but it's on your list and it retailed for just under 1000 pounds on release.


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It's quite an old projector so the price is a throw away price as it will not be worth anything plus an original lamp will cost more than the projector itself. It was once a go to budget unit and when 1080p projectors cost between £2k and £3k making it was a welcomed introductions


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Cool. I mean it was all I could afford and I'm sure I'll be impressed by the picture as I'm going from an old flat screen 32 inch LG TV.

If it can do me a couple of years until I upgrade when newer 1080p models become more affordable I'll be happy.

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