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Hi all, first post so please be gentle:hiya:
I've just purchased a Panasonic TX32LXD60 LCD with HDMI.
My current home cinema system is a Panasonic Panasonic SC-DT100.
What i was wondering is:-:confused:
I was thinking of buying a relatively cheap upscaling DVD player (SAMSUNG DVD-HD860/XEU £60 @ Comet) to take advantage of the capabilities of the LCD TV.
I would like to buy the new Philips Cineos Upscalling home cinema but can't afford it at present (thats a lie, i can't get the wife to believe that we need it or let me spend another £650).
Anyway, Can I connect my existing Panasonic home cinema to the Samsung DVD and then to the LCD to get 5.1 from the Sound and an upscalled image?
Is it as simple as using some phono leads to connect them all?
Appologies for rambling and if this is a stoooopid question it's just that i'm off shopping tonight and could do with being prepared!



No ... AFAIK the SC-DT100 only has Aux and VCR inputs and both are analog red/white rca connectors so you would be restricted to 2 channel.

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