Newbie - Need help in deciding the cabling for Speaker system


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You could run a single cable to a switch, yes, but then you have another device to plug in with distracting flashing lights on it and generating heat in the AV Cabinet. Better to have a switch by the router and run 4 cables from the AVR to the switch.

305m of LSZH Copper Cat6 is currently around £100 - 30p a meter. Time to run 4 drops as compared to one drop of Cat 6 - the same.

Also always run 2 drops of Cat 5/6 to a wall outlet, never one.

Do it once, do it right.
Thank you Mushii. I shared all this with the electrician and he honestly said that he doesn't know much abt AV and agreed to your suggestion. Thanks again for helping out.


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Sorry back again as really got confused while calculating the speaker wire length. The question is how does the cable connection is done. How do we hide the speaker cable running from AVR to the actual speaker. I have drawn 3 diagrams. pls suggest which option is good or is there a 4th option that I am not able to visualise. This connection is shown for just one speaker. But all speaker and Subwoofer has similar connection(for Subwoofer cable will be different and it will not have banana plug). If you have a photo then pls share that will be very helpful



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I would use your first diagram.
Thank you Mushii. it is just that in that model for a cable to come from speaker to AVR there are 4 sets of banana plugs involved and 3 small cables connected to different terminal to make one. But setup wise this is the neatest.

Joe Fernand

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I'll vote for Option 3 - less connections in the cable run, less cost and unless you are moving home how often are you likely to be plugging or unplugging the cables from the Loudspeakers or AVR.

At the AVR ensure you leave enough 'spare' cable to make access to the rear of the AVR possible with the speaker cables attached.



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Joe is correct in that it is less cabling and plugs and plates. I prefer 1 as it is easier to move things around and make cables to exact lengths. It is swings and roundabouts. 3 is less connections but more work planning. 1 is more connections, but less planning.
Both are viable and correct options, it boils down to how confident you are with your placement. Joe will be confident as he is an expert in this field. For a novice, although there is some additional cost I will stand by option 1 for yourself.

P.S. I used option 1 on my home cinema, as it was easier cabling my AVR which is in a pretty tight cabinet, and before anyone chimes in on my previous threads on AVR’s needing space I use an AC Infinity for cooling.

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