Newbie need help ! HDMI in on Yamaha RX-V765


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I'm at a loss here, searched and cannot find what I need to know.

Yamaha RX-V765 Receiver .... trying to run HDMI from my HD Cable Box to my Yamaha receiver. LCD on front lights up HDMI when on the correct output so I believe the receiver is getting the signal.

TV is an older Hitachi Rear Projection and has no HDMI connection port so I cannot run HDMI out of receiver and to the TV. So I have it hooked up using Component Cables.

I get no output ... no audio, no video ... nothing.

What am I doing wrong or missing ?

I've changed the input setting on the television, tried all four HDMI input ports on the receiver ... I am at a loss :suicide:


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No Av receiver will down convert HDMI input for component output. Either get another TV or look at HDfury.


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Thanks dwhite .... not the answer I was hoping for, truth hurts sometimes I guess ?

I thought that the receiver could handle this, I just (obviously) would not get HDMI quality out to the Television. Oddly the employee at BestBuy thought the same :facepalm:


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It will do it the other way (component input to HDMI output), but as I said it won't do it the other way as that would be a way of getting round HDCP (DRM copy protection).

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Two choices - both involve an HDMI to Component 'converter'!!!

Install the Converter between the HDMI equipped Source and a spare 3RCA Component Input on your AV Amp or place the Converter on the HDMI Output of your AV Amp.

If most of your Sources are hooked to the AV Amp via Analogue I'd go with Option one as it avoids an unwanted Analogue to Digital back to Analogue conversion process.

The Vision FC4 v2 (around 140.00 GBP) would be my recommendation for an HDMI to Component Converter.

HDMI is not a signal its a carrier - it carries Digital RGB or Digital Component - no need to assume an HDMI signal is any better than an Analogue HD signal via 3RCA.


PS This all assumes the 3RCA Component Input on your HDTV supports 1080i at 50Hz!

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