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Hiya guys not sure if this is the place to say hi but I enjoy reading/browsing through the gallery more than anything else so, HI.

Im 22years old and bought a place with my fiancee last November!! Probably not the best time with the crunch but oh well.

Finally getting a bit more settled and have next week off so big big plans for the living room.

I just sold my B&W DM602S3's along with a NAD Amp and DVD/CD player as it was taking up too much room in our tiny living room. I only parted with this on the condition I could splash out on some home cinema gear, so here goes.

New stuff

Kef KHT2005.3 5.1 kit
Onkyo TXSR606

Already had

Samsung LE37R87
Sony PS3
Microsoft XBOX 360
Nintendo Wii

Everything I already had is currently wall mounted but with the new stuff and a week off im planning to build a false wall that will house everything other then the TV. I have ordered new coving and am going to try and hide all my cables in there.

When I get a chance I will try and upload some before and after pics.

If anyone knows where i can get some small trunking for speaker cables (CHEAP) please feel free to let me know.

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Sounds like a good plan jufun, keep us updated with piccies and stuff :smashin:


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I will do. Another thing, I was wondering if it makes a massive difference changing the speaker cable. I have got plenty 42strand basic cable which seems ok. I have only had it set up for one night because im impatient and wanted to play with it ASAP!! I was thinking about QED micro but I need 50m!! Bit expensive me thinks!! Just thought I would ask.


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I will do. Another thing, I was wondering if it makes a massive difference changing the speaker cable. I have got plenty 42strand basic cable which seems ok. I have only had it set up for one night because im impatient and wanted to play with it ASAP!! I was thinking about QED micro but I need 50m!! Bit expensive me thinks!! Just thought I would ask.

Have a look in the Powerbuy Section, located here.

I have just got some of the VanDamme Blue Series - great cable at a very reasonable price :smashin:


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I do have the joy of working with AV and I can get the QED micro for only £1.20 per meter its just that I have crippled my over draft buying the kit and all the materials. I Just wondered if it would make the difference really. Dont want to blow £60 if I don't have to. Thankyou though.

Ahh right, gotcha :)


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This is my living room exactly as is (missus is watching **** Factor) at 7.30pm on the 11th OCT

Sofa view.

Please keep in mind it was quite organised with the old stereo that was taken 2days ago!!

And all the cables were tied up and hidden behind trunking just had to pull it all out to plug into new amp!!

New toys sitting on our coffee table. Im well in the good books here (provided i haven't scratched it!:D)

Our new sofa, and as you can see a few testers on the wall and my babys (dogs) chillin

Another living room shot from a little higher up the stairs. Just realised plate and tray still out from tea we just had

This might be where the sub will live. The speakers will all be wall mouted

The other end of the living room + front door + future AV wall!!!!

Just trying to give you an idea of how small the living room is. (still washing to be hung)

Thats what underneath the TV looked like before the PS3 and the sale of NAD gear.

This last one is to show you what the living room was when we first moved in!!

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Hi guys and gals just a quick update. I have spent tuesday and some of today getting this far (rained off a bit today as need to cut the wood outside!)

Anyway here are some pics
This is a quick shot of the wall so far loaded with everything thats going on it and where it should be

Just a close up of the stuff already on the wall (till work starts again tomorrow)


A look at my sexy coving!


And finally one of where most of it use to be


Please feel free to leave me feedback and I will hopefully have this complete by friday so expect more pics.


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Hi guys its really late so im not going to put much effoert into words but here is my living room as it stands right now. I would say about 90% complete. Just need to paint radiator, skirting and a li bit more on the av wall. Coving needs patching up. Coving and skirting need doing on the new wall and some trunking is needed to finish off the cable hiding. Anyway here you go please let me know what you think













Oh and the curtains do the room no justice so the blinds are on order and will be fitted in 4 weeks!

I will post more pics when the job is finalised.


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Well to be honest I don't know loads about home cinema amps and what not, where I work will sell the all in one packages and compared to them its amazing. I had a few mate round and they were saying it actually sound like your in the cinema. I think its mainly due to the bass though as most of the all in ones are a bit weedy on that front. For what I wanted the amp is fantastic. The only thing I would change if I could would be the names of the inputs but hey.
Cheers for comment


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Looks fantastic so far mate! When I originally saw photos of your build I assumed your TV would go in the cabinets' large cavity at the top!

Love the sofa and colour scheme (Wheres the Sofa from by the way?)
That coffee table looks a bit out of proportion though. Looks like it takes up a lot of room! I would suggest a long and thin table in Piona black would look the bizz!

Can't wait to see the finished product! :thumbsup:


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Job well done!:smashin:
Hope the amp and 360 doesn't get too warm in there!


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great job there mate, love the AV cabinet! Its so much better building your own. Love the colour scheme. Only question is, does the AV cabinet block the stairs in any way?

Good stuff otherwise


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I have got a nice hole where a shiny chrome looking air vent will be placed either side of the cabinet right in the middle of the amp and the 360 shelf.

Yeah the coffee table is a tad on the large size but if you were to look around the house you would notice a lack of space anywhere so the coffee table doubles as a treasure (rubbish) chest where remotes/paperwork and various other stuff can be hidden. It is solid wood so cost a few bob too, which I don't think we would get back if we did decide to sell it.

Finally the stairs are fine there is still plenty of room for people but the plan is to open the room up a bit more by removing the rails and banaster and replace with a hand rail/banaster on the wall. I dont think I would get a built wardrobe up there at the moment though.

Thankyou for your feedback


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I knew I would forget something. The sofa is from DFS. I heard alot of bad press about there leather so decided to go with material. Its a bit different and I had to fight a lil bit with my good lady to get it but I think its really cool and a little bit different from what you normally see. Cheers for asking.I did think about the tv in the top but with the layout of the room it wouldn't really work and I wouldn't like the screen up that high. The top shelf has been left for the missus to do with as she pleases.
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A nice setup, Have you thought about installing some read lights inside the cabinet behind your devices? some LED lighting with a dimmer control unit might give it a nice little touch.


Very nice mate, liking it so far :)


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does anyone else open these threads and wonder how on earth anyone could live in the state of some of the rooms, only to scroll down and see quite a dramatic, and pleasing transformation? :rotfl:

Good work, like what you did there :smashin:

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