Newbie looking for home projector advice via currys pc world


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Hi, new lad trying to find a bit of help with regards to buying a home projector. However, I am limited to only using currys pc world, due to the insurance company giving me an ecard of £919 to replace a broken 60in tv.
At first I was thinking about putting the money towards a 65inch tv, but after having a look I was thinking I could buy a decent projector and surround sound system for the same sort of price.
The projector would mainly be used for ps4 gaming (my son ) and football and movies.
Room is 4m x 5m with a screen wall able to have a 100inch projection. Because it's only a small room , I would be looking at a short throw p.j., and ideally project with normal ambient light .
I have had a look on the website and found the following pjs, I have had a look at the reviews available but I am looking for any advice or user reviews if possible. Projector wall will be painted, so I won't need a screen.
ACER Predator Z650

If anyone could help, I would greatly appreciate it, looking to get up and running for christmas. After all Elf on a hundred inch screen is a must.


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I'm not personally familiar with those projectors, but if you're going to use a wall and watch in daylight, you'll need a bright projector that is at least 2000+ advertised lumens (that's going to probably be closer to 1000 to 1200 real lumens) should give you something close to plasma levels of brightness in a reasonable video mode, and you will get better blacks and shadow detail if the wall is a shade of grey rather than white - do a search and see what paint have been using for that. Having said that, you may well need more lumens depending on the level of ambient light you may get in the room.

If you don't get any direct feedback from users, use the search and see if there are any reviews or people that have posted about those projectors. This is link for the advertising blurb for the Optoma Darbee on this site:

Optoma to launch projector with Darbee built-in

Are there other projectors you can get from Curry's? I haven't looked to see what the range is there.


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Hi Gary, thankyou for the reply, a friend of mine is a very good sparky (electrician) and he fitted the wires for a ceiling mounted projector . Apparantely the colour to use is pantone 7 from the dulux range , I have had a good look and seen various reccomendations, but grey seems the way forward.
I would like a 3500 lumen projector, so that wash from ambient light is reduced,.
I have had a very good search on here for recommendations, unfortunately as I stated earlier, I am limited to what currys pc world have to offer.


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use the projector central calculator to work out which model currys supply that will create the image size you want from the lens of the pj to then wall from their available pjs.
imo any 600ish pj will produce a good image in normal condition except bright light - you will always have to shut the curtains and turn lights off for everything except sport
a pj will not replace a tv but are great - dont forget you will still need some sort of sound and i would stay clear of surround sound in a box as they are harder to upgrade and you will get better sound from an av amp and speaker setup.
i know you said you are stuck with currys - but is there nothing else the house needs and look in the classifieds for 2nd hand stuff


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All those projectors are DLP models, in fact I have just had a look on Currys website and they only seem to do DLP. Have you watched a DLP projector before? If not you will need to find out if you suffer from the rainbow effect as if you do you will not be happy with any of these models. Try and get a demo of a similar priced DLP projector before you buy one. You may want to go with a big TV instead if you are particularly susceptible to seeing rainbows, as they can be a deal breaker for some people when it comes to DLP projectors.

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First thoughts are stick with a TV.

Projectors are 'odd' beasts - as you go into the higher Lumens units the image quality/accuracy will reduce so whilst you can use them in a higher ambient light level they will not equal a lower Output unit in a controlled lighting environment.

DLP would definitely have to be viewed before you make a purchase.

How close are you going to be sitting to the 'screen'?



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I have a benq w1070 projector which I bought for £500 is pretty nice and it's a short throw but I do find it a bit too big for gaming especially FPS games so I would recommend giving it a try before you buy it, somewhere like Richer Sound would let you demo it for games. I use a 90 inch screen. The flip side of this is on a bigger screen 3d is fantastic.

If you do find the screen too big I believe some of the Hisense TVs are pretty cheap, 4k and good for gaming, you may be able to get something cheap even in a 60 inch in the sales, check the reviews section of the website.


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You could always consider selling your voucher via the forums or some other means and using the money to buy a PJ from somewhere you can demo (like a Richersounds, who usually have the entry level HT DLPs available to show) or go for a high-end 3Chip unit second hand from the classifieds.

I've had 2 used JVC units for £600 a pop and they've been stunning units. They're OK on the wall if you can get rid of the light in the room, but very much better if you can't decorate the room on an ambient light screen like a Draper / Euroscreen ReAct. Again, I picked up the screen 2nd hand.

Admittedly this is an approach that isn't risk free, so if that bothers you you should buy new, and you might need to budget a new lamp, but you could achieve results someone paid £4-5K for only a few years ago with that kind of money.


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hi thanks for the replies and advice . I think im going to try and sell the voucher and have alook at a different store where I can view first.
thanks again.

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